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Al-Mizan program is an accounting and administrative integrated program is the most powerful applications and trading systems that are designed accurately and proficiency to develop institutions and corporate systems from manual system to an automated system and is proud of the institution Yousef Suleiman Al-Hamoud be the first program of this system have been produced since 1982 and currently is present throughout Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Lebanon and Egypt, where perfection is backed maintenance and follow-up standing.

The possibility of multiple users

The possibility of amendment and add new capabilities


speed Performance

It includes 999 company or branch

Work in Arabic and English versions

Our Services

Follow-up and maintenance

We offer you a follow-up and continuous maintenance

Edit and add new capabilities

We amendment to any accounting program and add any new possibility you demand


There are three major levels of confidentiality to confine people who can run the system

Our Programs

Accounting System

The use of cost centers and Accounting Guide accommodates up to 9 levels and there are many reports as there Print bonds arrested and sanitation and balances

Staff salaries and Management System

Personnel data, wages and salaries and printing management reports and holidays

Stores and sales and inventory system

Data class and the class that followed and supplier card are also recording sales and exchange transfers and adjustments violin bills no reports to illustrate the Profit and Loss reports Minimum varieties and turnover

Clinics and hospitals system

Registered patients and family data with doctors, clinics and corporate social insurance and bills that include services required for references There are also many reports both to a clinic or a doctor or services and commissions doctors

Hotels System

Recording rooms and service-oriented types of guests and record reviews data and number of rooms provided to them and the liquidation Guest Account

Exhibitions and limousine and car rental system

Car registration data, customers and car registration leases and printing reports revenues and expenses of each car or driver

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Real estate and stock system

Data owners and tenants and real estate, contracts and premiums owed to the tenants and printing reports record shows landlords and tenants and real estate data printing collections, contracts and premiums and record the value of shares

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Our Location

You can find us , Al-Mizan, In Al Khalidiya Building, Computer Market, Al-olaya, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
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